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9-1-1 Education & Help

9-1-1 is the national emergency number of the United States. Everyone from a child to a senior citizen should know how to call 9-1-1 for an emergency.

Dialing 9-1-1 connects you to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) operator that can assist you during an emergency.

These educational resources will help you learn and become familiar with how to call 9-1-1, when to call them and what 9-1-1 may need to know when you contact them.

When should I use 9-1-1?

  • Dial 9-1-1 when you need help or in the case of an emergency.
  • 9-1-1 call takers are available day and night so remember no matter the time or place dial 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.
  • It’s important to only call 9-1-1 during a real emergency. When you need help from the police, the fire department or an ambulance.
  • If someone gets hurt or is sick and cannot wake up dial 9-1-1 for an ambulance.
  • If you need to report a crime or need help from the police dial 9-1-1 for help.
  • If there is a fire in your house, yell fire, get out and go to a friend’s or neighbor’s home to dial 9-1-1.

How do I reach 9-1-1?

  • In case of an emergency pick up the telephone, press 9 then 1 and then 1 again.
  • Tell the call taker where you are, the problem and the telephone number you are calling from.
  • Remain calm and speak clearly.
  • Listen carefully to what the operator says and asks you to do.
  • If you are calling from a cell phone dial 9-1-1 and press send or green button to call for help.
  • If you are calling 9-1-1 from certain business locations, hotels, motels or other workplace locations the telephone system at that location might require you dial an extra digit to reach an outside line before being able to dial the digits 9-1-1.

Additional 9-1-1 Tips

  • If you accidentally dial 9-1-1 don’t hang up, stay on the line and tell the call taker there is no emergency and you called by accident.
  • Teach your children how to dial 9-1-1 and ensure they know how to use your home telephone, cell phone or other communications devices.
  • Ensure you have a clear address posted on your home or workplace. This will help emergency responders get to the correct location.
  • Know your address and phone number information.
  • Do not waste time and resources by dialing 9-1-1 for non emergency purposes or prank calls. Prank and harassing calls will be dealt with by Local Law Enforcement.

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