April is 9-1-1 Education Month

In 2008, the United States Congress recognized April as National 9-1-1 Education Month, supporting the efforts of the National 9-1-1 Education Coalition to provide resources and materials to support public education about the optimal use of 9-1-1 services nationwide.

Below you will find resources, produced and or sponsored by Comcast. Please fill free to share this page with others to help spread awareness about the appropriate use of 9-1-1 and major updates in the industry.

Thank You 911

Telecommunicator Week

In 1994, “National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week” was formally recognized and is celebrated each year during the second full week of April to coincide with National 9-1-1 Education Month

9-1-1 call takers are our first, first responders, saving lives, and protecting our communities. They take over 240 million emergency calls every year, intersecting with the most venerable moments in our customer’s lives.

The entire Comcast organization extends it’s appreciation to women and men who serve as 9-1-1 call-takers, emergency dispatchers, radio and phone technicians, and other communications staff, for protecting our communities and thank them from the vital work they do every day.

Progress in 9-1-1 Excellence

The president signed Kari’s law on February 16, 2018, enacting rules to connect those who call 9-1-1 with emergency personnel without dialing an access code.

Chairman Pai applauded the bill and made these public remarks:

Comcast Thanks 911


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